Rhio is an exciting performer with a recognizable vocal quality that is uniquely her own  Her interest in show business began at the tender age of 7 when she put on shows for the kids in the neighborhood, however she was delayed a little in high school when the head of the music department told her she could not sing! Luckily a few years later she met a man who dissuaded her from that idea and she has been singing ever since! Rhio says teachers should never do that, even if it is true at the time, because singers can always improve if they have enough determination.

Her background is interesting. Her mother is Cuban, and her father Hungarian. While growing up in California she was exposed to the music and language of the Latin, and European world, along with the music of America.

Rhio has been heard singing on countless commercials aired on radio and television. In a recent movie called The Last of Robin Hood, Rhio is heard singing the song Some Say, in a scene where the song comes on in a car radio…

Rhio is in the process of completing a Jazz album entitled A Rhio Good Thing. The album  includes original songs by Leigh Crizoe and Eugene Orland, as well as songs from the Great American Song Book, and will be released in Summer 2017. A few songs from the album have already been played on approximately 17 jazz stations across the US.

Rhio has that special hypnotic quality in her voice and personality, and in the record business that spells “HIT.”

Along with being a talented singer, Rhio is an accomplished author and knowledgeable reporter on health and nutrition.  She is also a radio show host (www,, environmental activist, and avid gardener.  .  .  .  .  Rhio .  .  .  .  truly unique!